Backal Hospitality Group is an ever-evolving collection of venues, event services, and investments, anchored in hospitality and inspired by New York.


Riverpark is a forward-thinking dining concept and multi-faceted venue from Backal Hospitality Group.


“Versa Restaurant — a wonderful rooftop scenario, just beautiful, it’s really like an oasis in midtown.”

Fox 5 News

“The restaurant has trained its staff to do the proper cleaning in all the right places, so necessary today. It’s good to know someone is looking after you and following all the local rules as well.”


“New York City’s most prolific owners, executive chefs, and other hospitality leaders have joined together — creating a best practice model for all to use once New York City reopens.”

Prevue Magazine

“The Backal Hospitality Group sent meals to Lenox Hill Hospital — all a part of the Thank Our Heroes program, helping struggling businesses while showing appreciation for people working on the
frontlines of the pandemic.”

Cellar Dog "They don’t make ‘em like this any more. West Village hangout the Cellar Dog is a basement bar and pool hall where the sofas are scruffy, the drinks are cheap and the ambience is jovial." TimeOut Hamptons

“For those looking to create a special at home dining experience, Hampton Road Trip is ready to bring the festivities straight to your door.”