The Business of New York.

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BHG streamlines trends, technologies, and strategic partnerships to create a single destination for our client’s every need.
As the way people gather and communicate evolves, so too must our approach to serving those functions. Our goal is to provide versatile and flexible solutions while adhering to proven standards of quality and service. This requires a forward thinking, mold-breaking mindset as well as a firm presence in the technology of the now. This expertise extends to our entire catalog of venues and services and is reflected in our commitment to both our clients and their guests.

Bar + Venue

Restaurant, Bar + Venue Ownership

Backal Hospitality Group is a recognized and respected leader in New York's make-it-happen hospitality community. At the epicenter of the industry, Arthur Backal has successfully managed, operates and/or owns over 20+ event spaces, including iconic hotels, restaurants, renowned venues and innovative concepts. BHG has a stellar reputation of creative and customized food and beverage offerings as well as proven service and quality standards. We look steadfastly toward the future, with an eye towards rapidly developing trends and unique experiences. Our expertise, our commitment, our connections, put to work for you.

Celebrations + Gatherings

The Backal Hospitality Group is rooted in iconic celebrations, offering planning, personalization, and unique venues to support gatherings in whatever shape they might take. We represent the union of value and luxury in event planning, offering all the components you might need to create your perfect event. From venues, to décor, to planning, and more, BHG provides a seamless execution of elevated food and service with a “never say no” attitude.


Steeped in family feel, as seen through long-serving team and long‑standing customers.
In hospitality, relationships are everything. BHG welcomes our clients like family with warm, approachable, ego-free hospitality. We are committed to providing unconditional support, respect, trust, and loyalty to our clients and employees. We value empowerment, and support opportunities for growth, creativity, and innovation wherever they might be.